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Our vision is to provide our clients with a unique combination of the best personal service and uncompromising professionalism in modern business law.
We believe that good deals are formed only through a thorough understanding of the dreams, desires, and interests of the parties involved. Therefore, a business legal advisor must create a relationship of trust and intimacy with his clients in order to identify and adapt the legal steps to the specific wishes and needs of each client.

Our aim is to establish a close relationship and a safe space for consultation and brainstorming with regard to the business aspirations of our clients and therefore we believe that the owner of the firm should be available directly to its clients and know them personally.

Hence, our firm offers legal and business services in an intimate and direct manner with the firm's owner, attorney Femi Reut Ben Ze’ev, when all the firm support services are transparent to the clients and they are not required to come into contact with any outside party and/or less skilled staff.

The firm's owner, Adv. Femi Reut Ben Ze’ev, has extensive experience and education in the fields of business law, corporate law and real estate, both in terms of complex contractual engagements and representation in commercial litigation cases in these fields.

The integration of these fields provides the firm's clients with the tools to choose the legal processes that are compatible with the nature and scope of their business while understanding the legal possibilities at their disposal and maximizing their potential.

Our firm cooperates with a range of professionals in their field (tax consultants, accountants and lawyers in complementary fields), so that every professional question is answered when necessary and in cases where more manpower is required, the firm is in continuous contact with other lawyers, So that the firm can handle any legal case in any scope immediately, under the direct professional management of the firm's owner.

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Our advantages​

Personal legal advisor


maximum availability and direct professional response - combined with technological ability and business connections in Israel and worldwide.

A list of selected and limited clients


each client who contacts our office receives the best personal treatment - personal business legal advice tailored individually to each client and provided directly by the firm's owner.

Multidisciplinary experience in the field of business law


many years of experience in complex contractual engagements and representation in commercial litigation cases in courts.