Ben Ze’ev Law Firm​

Ben Ze'ev Law Firm, is a modern boutique firm specializing in business law.
The service provided to our clients combines top-notch professional legal care, together with business consulting and analysis, which are an inseparable part of the support and services that the firm's clients receive.
This combination, uniquely and individually tailored, ensures that our customers never act in a manner that is contrary to their economic interests and enables the customer to receive a broad and clear picture of the various business implications of any legal action taken by him/her.
Our firm is adapted to the modern age and utilizes all the technological tools available to law firms, including cooperation with other first-rate professionals. All of which, enable us to provide a broad and professional response to all aspects of Business law on the one hand, and on the other hand to provide the services of our firm, directly and personally by the firm's owner, Attorney Femi Reut Ben Zeev, without the use of unskilled personnel.​

Maximum availability and optimal personal attention to the client are our main concern, and we act in accordance with these principles.

Among the firm's clients are businesspeople and corporations from Israel, Europe, and the USA.We provide full legal services in the English language and experts in establishing contacts and business relations with various entities abroad.


Entrepreneurship and investments​

Mergers and Acquisitions​

Real Estate​

Commercial Litigation​

Polish Citizenship​