Accompanying and providing legal consulting for companies and various legal corporations (associations, partnerships, non-profit organizations, etc.), focusing on private entities. The legal support is granted from the founding stage (Founders' agreements, Articles, etc.) to its ongoing activities and the corporation's engagements with customers, suppliers, employees and more...


The response provided by BZ Law is comprehensive and provides all the legal needs of the corporation, including proper economic planning of the business and legal operations of the corporation.


In addition, our firm provides legal consulting to directors and boards on matters related to the management of the corporation, including aspects of corporate governance (shareholders, board of directors, management), approval of special transactions (interested parties transactions, etc.), liability of officers, corporate and shareholders relations, reports to the authorities, supervision and regulation.


Entrepreneurship and investments


Providing legal consultation for every business initiative and/or individual investment in which our clients are interested; utilizing the existing multi-disciplinary knowledge in our firm to examine the legal and economic feasibility of these initiatives to our clients.


Every business opportunity is carefully examined by us and we assist our clients in maximizing the potential profit inherent in each and every transaction while ensuring the proper legal protection of the client’s rights and interests.

Mergers and Acquisitions


BZ Law Firm specializes in accompanying and conducting Mergers and Acquisitions transactions for private entities.

The guidance and counsel provided by our firm begin by clarifying the business vision and the economic and personal goals that our clients aspire to; We continue to examine the due-diligence and compliance of the parties, while taking into account business, economic and management aspects; examining tax considerations and performance indicators; and finally drafting a legal operating agreement that enables the transaction to take shape and to be implemented.


We maintain a high level of awareness and understanding of our clienteles regarding the implications and the business and legal implications inherent in their actions and choices.

Real Estate


Legal management and support of real estate transactions of various types, from real estate purchase and sale transactions in the private market, leasing and acquisition agreements to commercial properties, and representation of contractors and real estate companies in complex transactions, including combination transactions, tenders for infrastructure works and more.

We consult real estate entrepreneurs from the stage of identifying the potential transaction, analyzing the various financing options, up to the execution of the required agreements, reporting to the tax authorities, and registering the transaction at the Land Registry Offices or the Israel Land Authority, throughout Israel.


Commercial Litigation


Managing large-scale commercial litigation cases. Including, financial claims in various areas, protection of intellectual property and commercial rights, as well as filing objections and appeals on land taxation issues.

BZ Law Firm provides representation services in various courts and before the various authorities in relation to any civil disputes that our clients encounter.


We have extensive experience in representing corporations and individuals in financial claims, administrative petitions, injunctions, declaratory remedies and appeals before various courts and tribunals.

As legal consultants of our clients in their ongoing activities, we are able to optimize the representation of our clients before judicial bodies, while having the best understanding of our client’ needs and interests in order to achieve the best outcome for them.

Polish Citizenship


Our Firm provides eligibility examinations services and issuance of Polish citizenship certificates as well as additional documents required for issuing a Polish passport for Israelis of Polish origin and their descendants.

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